Architecture The Groundbreaking Moments

Architecture evolves in response to man's technological advances and environmental demands. Driven by these developments, architects can be seen as the most innovative of artists. In twenty-five beautifully illustrated chapters, this volume for general readers and architecture lovers alike identifies the most important advancements in the field of architecture, and demonstrates how these innovations influenced the development of architecture.

Chapters focus on topics such as monuments to the dead and places of worship; domes; pillars and arches; towers from Pisa to Eiffel; stadia and theatres; palaces and skyscrapers. Readers will learn about the introduction of glass, steel, iron, and concrete; how buildings express ideas; and the rediscovery of antiquity. Arranged chronologically, these chapters can be studied individually to deepen our understanding of particular aspects of architecture or as a whole - to appreciate the ever-changing patterns of architectural advancement.


The book emphasizes how movements develop untidily over time and amply shows that the most beautiful architecture, from Roman basilicas to Santiago Calatrava's rail stations, has come into the world in eras of change, when one idea is fitfully yielding to another. - The Wall Street Journal

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Author:Isabel Kuhl

Subtitle:The Groundbreaking Moments

Publisher:Prestel Publishing




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Additional Info:Isabel Kuhl is an art and architecture historian who lives in Cologne, Germany. Among her many books are Vincent van Gogh, 50 Buildings You Should Know, and 50 Sculptures You Should Know (all by Prestel).

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